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Saguenay foundry: Casting intelligence - Iron Castings
Rapid prototyping and iron casting for heavy industry and OEMs


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Saguenay Foundry pours large iron castings to order. Our edge over the competition: a customer-focused, highly-trained team working with the latest technologies in CAD, Fluid & Solidification analysis, additive manufacturing and robotics to fabricate a wide range of cast products. From projects requiring one-time rapid prototyping to orders of several hundred parts per year, we can provide gray iron, ductile iron and Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) castings from 200 lb to 16,000 lb (100 kg to 7,300 kg).


We’re the smart jobbing foundry you need

  1. Client-Focused

    We respond clearly and directly to your inquiries. Our castings meet specifications and tolerances and we respect timetables, often shortening expected lead times.

    Our production versatility allows us to truly respond to your needs by adapting our casting methods and supporting your business goals in a genuine value-driven partnership.

    Our responsiveness defines us. Right from the start, we can get involve and work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to design a part that meets all your specifications and tolerances. Most importantly, we deliver within timetables, and often are able to come up with a shorter lead time than you expected. Parts are delivered treated, machined and painted if required. Throughout, our communication process keeps all stakeholders in the loop at all times.

  2. Reliability

    Our commitment to the highest quality and reliability standards has made who we are and, most importantly, we deliver within agreed timetables.

    Our ISO 9001:2015 certification is a testament of our commitment to quality and reliability. Integrity is our first value. We strive to exceed your expectations with a short production cycle and competitive prices. We validate designs by conducting Solidification Analysis and subjecting parts to rigorous destructive and non-destructive testing. Our driven, passionate team of experts is dedicated to delivering what you need when you need it, using the industries latest technological advances.  

  3. Aftermarket

    We are geared for Aftermarket: small runs, short lead time, and flexibility of production. For legacy parts and turn-key castings, look no further.

    We’ve been active in the Aftermarket for decades now. Over the years, we have developed a capacity to manage an inventory of thousands of patterns, with no storage fee for our clients. Our nimble and reliable production methods output small orders with short ship times. Our low annual volumes for your oversized custom parts give you the ultimate flexibility in making smart, lean business decisions. Saguenay Foundry will provide you with turn-key castings, and with our in-house pattern making versatility, you’ll save time and money in the process.  

  4. Rapid Prototyping

    Production flexibility and startup thinking for heavy industry led us to break new ground in prototyping methods. We help innovative companies get to market first.

    Because each rapid prototyping casting is unique, we approach every new project with a tailor-made game plan. We use the full extent of pattern-free casting, MDF and foam patterns as well as a 3D printer. Used separately or combined, our various methods will minimize cost and lead time. By prototyping, testing, analyzing, refining—and repeating—we help improve the functionality of your new product and guarantee the highest quality standards.

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