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Porosity-free Castings

The pump industry needs complex castings that are porosity-free to prevent leakage through the parts. This means expensive patterns that drag down the aftermarket sales, reduce the inventiveness of the prototyping engineers and limit the opportunities to expand product lines.


Fluid analysis software

We are able to avoid internal porosity with a state-of-the-art fluid analysis software. This allows us to assure no turbulence in the mold and confirm proper cooling before pouring. Our foam patternshop and pattern-free Nopatech® also gives you a competitive advantage in cost and lead time.

  • Very Short
    with Nopatech® and/or Foam Patterns;
  • Short
    with In-House Softwood Patterns and Floor Molding;
  • Slurry pumps
  • Pump casing
  • Impeller
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