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Market we serve
Fittings and couplings

Porosity-free castings required

Fittings and couplings are used in virtually all markets.  The need to prevent leakage of fluids, such as in ductile iron pipes, demands flawless parts that are cast according to the latest technologies.

Fluid analysis software

Saguenay foundry works with the best of fluid analysis tools to achieve more accurate castings. Being able to simulate mold filling and solidification helps us assure porosity-free castings which couplings and fittings absolutely require.  

  • Very Short
    with Nopatech® and/or Foam Patterns;
  • Short
    with In-House Softwood Patterns and Floor Molding;
  • Medium
    with Carousel Molding and Hardwood Patterns
  • Bend
  • Tee
  • Reducer
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