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Primary Aluminum Transformation
30 years of partnership with aluminum smelters

Reliability and safety stock

The cost-driven industry of primary aluminum transformation requires uninterrupted operation. That means smelters need a reliable foundry who can produce electrolysis siphons (tubes) and other parts according to needs and ensure safety stock.

The aluminum industry is part of our DNA

Saguenay Foundry's molding carousel offers outstanding efficiency when casting medium production runs of siphon tubes, pouring spouts, crucible, tapping tubes or other small castings for primary aluminum transformation.

With decades of experience with siphons, we understand the strength and limitations of this critical equipment. We can thus predict and eliminate weak points that would cause early failure and increase your operating cost. 

  • Medium
    using Carousel Molding and/or Hardwood Patterns
  • Electrolysis Siphons
  • Pechiney Siphons
  • Carousel moulding for larger production runs of siphons and tubes
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