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Market we serve
Secondary Aluminum Transformation
Casting to optimize performance

Improving aluminum recovery

For cast-houses, remelting facilities or rolling plants, the objectives are the same: improve methods and aluminum recovery. Compared to tilting furnaces, Saguenay Foundry's Holder siphons reduce dross thus improve aluminum recovery.

A vast patterns inventory and unmatched experience

The Holder Siphon is our flagship cast: 3000 lb, 16 ft (1400 kg, 5 m) curved gray iron casting with high concentricity. A world reference for aluminum smelters.

We also own many dross pans patterns. It allows us to make you save thousands of dollars on pattern fabrication.

  • Short
    with In-house Softwood Pattern and/or Floor Molding
  • Medium
    Carousel Molding and/or Hardwood Patterns
  • Holder Siphon Dross Pans
  • Iron Pumps
  • Stirring Blades
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