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Market we serve
Coal power plants
Casting parts that fit into your schedule

Aftermarket and shutdown schedule

The main challenge for the thermal power industry resides in the diversity of aftermarket parts required to pulverize and move coal through the plants as well as getting them according to shutdown schedule.

Casting to keep you running

Saguenay Foundry has been providing quality casts for the coal industry for over 20 years. From ductile iron bends to fuel inlets, our production has moved to distributor bodies and any other piping used to move pulverized coal.

In recent years, we have increased our ductile iron coal nozzles casting production from 8'' to 28''. The thin wall section of these castings require special care. The engineers at Saguenay Foundry ensure that all castings meet specifications, tolerances and the highest quality standard.

We also provide grinding rolls, gear blanks, bearing housings and bowl hubs. All of these sand castings are made according to clients' and industry's specifications. That's because we understand the cost of breakdowns.

  • Very Short
    with Nopatech® and/or Foam Patterns
  • Short
    with In-House Softwood Patterns and Floor Molding
  • Medium
    with Carousel Molding and/or Hardwood Patterns
  • Project 1
  • Stationary Coal Nozzle
  • Bowl Hubs
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