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Market we serve
Metal Transformation
Casting molds and dies

Durability and quality

The forging industry needs long-lasting dies in very short production runs. Our rapid prototyping advantage offers them exactly what they need.

Aluminum and other foundries also need permanent molds with great durability and other metal transformation industries, such as ferrosilicon, require ingot molds for extreme processes. Parts will get used up thus the need for foundries capable of reliable medium production.

Custom prototyping and casting

We developed various casting methods directly adapted to markets' demands. Our company is client-focused first. We also acquired the latest technology in solidification analysis to ensure our castings the highest quality standards. That is why we can always find you a way to get you parts you need within timetables. 

  • Short
    with In-House Softwood Patterns and/or Floor Molding
  • Medium
    with Carousel Molding and/or Hardwood Patterns
  • Projet 1
  • Projet 2
  • Projet 3
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