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Resistance and Storage

The mining industry faces among the toughest service conditions for their moving parts. Mining companies need to rely on robust, long-lasting castings that offer optimal wear resistance due to extreme processes. And there is almost as many different designs for each casting than there are mines, which creates an endless pattern storage headache. 

Legacy Castings Without the Inventory Problems

With our patented Nopatech® and our in-house foam patternshop, we can manufacture your legacy castings without the need to add an extra pattern to your inventory, saving you both time and cost. And with our fluid analysis capabilities we'll supply high quality, rugged castings that will get the job done. 

  • Very Short
    with Nopatech® and/or Foam Patterns
  • Short
    with In-House Softwood Patterns and/or Floor Molding
  • Trunnion Liners
  • Pillow Blocks
  • Bearing Housings
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