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Product overview

Saguenay Foundry pours ductile iron (or spheroidal iron) to cast parts with a weight of 200 lb to 12 000 lb (100 kg to 5500 kg). For more information on ductile iron properties or for an overview of the advantages of ductile iron over steel, don’t hesitate to check out our Technical Center.


Custom Ductile Iron

We pour ductile iron on a daily basis, which gives us better production flexibility. We offer a great variety of ductile iron grades in compliance with established international standards (ASTM A-536 or DIN EN-1563 for example) or according to clients’ specifications.


Ductile Iron with Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping techniques allow us to produce ductile iron parts fast at an affordable cost. If your project requires a small quantity of parts, please tell our engineers; our Nopatech® technology could suit your project’s needs.



Equivalence between Ductile Iron ASTM A-536, DIN 1563 and DIN 1693   

  Equivalence DIN (GGG)Tensile Strength  psi (MPA)Yield StrengthElongationHEAT TREATING



50 765 (350) 31 900 (220) 22% Annealing
ASTM A-536 60-40-18


60 000 (414) 40 000 (276) 18% Annealing 
ASTM A-536 65-45-12


65 000 (448) 45 000 (310) 12% As Cast
ASTM A-536 80-55-06



80 000 (552) 55 000 (379) 6% As Cast

ASTM A-536 100-70-03



100 000 (689)

70 000 (483)

3% As Cast


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