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Because each rapid prototyping casting is unique, we approach every new project with a tailor-made game plan. We use the full extent of sand printing, pattern-free casting, MDF and foam patterns . Used separately or combined, our various methods will minimize cost and lead time.

Sand Printing

Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the way we think about castings. Intricate cores, innovative shapes, there is almost no limits to what can be done with sand printing. At Saguenay Foundry, sand printing is an important tool to offer you the best price and the best lead time for your project. 

Pattern-free castings

Nopatech® is our own pattern-free casting technology. It’s the best way to produce large cope & drag sections up to 115’’ x 115’’ at a minimal cost. The amount of details is not an issue; more complex castings are likely to be substantially less expensive to fabricate this way than with any other pattern making method. Nopatech® is perfect for production runs of one to three pieces. 

Foam Patterns

Foam patterns are a great fit for casting three to five parts that are simpler in design than the ones done with Nopatech®. We can thus fabricate cores at a lower cost. Our casting flexibility allows us to combine foam core boxes with Nopatech® molds to get the lowest total cost.

MDF Patterns

When you need a few more castings, MDF patterns can be a good compromise between traditional wood patterns and a rapid-prototyping method. The added strength compared to foam patterns is also an effective way to produce more intricate castings at a relatively low cost.   

The Advantages of Rapid Prototyping Casting

In an increasingly competitive world, there is a growing need for very short productions runs with a lead-time as short as possible and a design faithful to the parts that will be produced in larger quantities. Patterns used to be the only alternative, but consisted in a long process with an average production cycle of at least eight weeks. Fabricating castings without pattern shortens lead-time and decreases the costs in most cases.


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